Getting Involved In Our Community: CPY Kids and Revival Ice Cream

Getting Involved In Our Community: CPY Kids and Revival Ice Cream

Hey everyone. Adriana here, the owner of Revival Ice Cream. Today, I wanted to share something personal on this platform, because Revival is so much more than delicious ice cream. 😊

Growing up, I had a harder childhood. It was violent, unstable and unpredictable.

Bonding with my dad over his favorite treat, ice cream, as well as his passion for environment and food were just a few happy aberrations in an overall unhappy life with my parents.

I’m intensely passionate about building a business that provides high quality and organic treats, and on a more personal side, leave a legacy for my daughter Summer and as a tribute to my dad.

As an adult my passion intensified for sharing that love and quality of food and building a purposeful company, and that's when Revival Ice Cream was born.

My goal is to make the world little brighter through ice cream, and not just any ice cream.

This message is about the Inspire & Empower program created to make the world little brighter for kids through ice cream. There are so many benefits behind utilizing organic, highest quality and sustainable ingredients and teaching our children the truth about food I take as my responsibility. And that is just one part of the program.

We talk about building a good business, creating ice cream flavors following Revival’s vision and dreaming. Yes! Dreaming. I want to inspire kids to dream, believe and create whatever future they want for themselves.

Enjoy this video that gives you a little glimpse of the fun kids from CPY Kids have. We miss them terribly and cannot wait to start seeing them again once it is safe to do so.

I am grateful to have incredible people on my team who believe and are passionate of Revival’s vision to make a difference in the world and for organizations like CPY Kids who give so much love and light to the kids who need it the most. 💕

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