Revival and Pie Ranch - A Sweet Partnership

Revival and Pie Ranch - A Sweet Partnership

Like Pie and Ice Cream, Revival and Pie Ranch just go together. In October Revival staff got to spend a magical day out at Pie Ranch, a non-profit focusing on food education, farmer training, and native land stewardship.

We were all stoked for this opportunity. The closer we can get to the food we use in the kitchen, the better. Partnering with and learning from like-minded people and organizations doing the right things for our planet is fundamental at Revival.

Located just off the Cabrillo Highway in Pescadero, North of Santa Cruz, Pie Ranch is a working farm with seasonal fruits and veggies, and a Farm Stand where visitors can buy pies, jams, preserves, and now…Revival Ice Cream! That's right, now you can pick up your favorite Revival ice cream at Pie Ranch.

 <p>Figure 1 Caroline was so pumped she did some cartwheels in the parking lot.

Caroline was so pumped she did some cartwheels in the parking lot.

It was a stunning day to tour the Ranch and learn about the restoration projects Pie Ranch is undertaking on site, and throughout the region.

In addition to their focus is on restorative farming, Pie Ranch is collaborating with Native peoples, drawing on their expertise to bring back Native land stewardship practices eradicated with the arrival of Spanish Missionaries and, later, white ranchers.


Pie Ranch sits on land that was home to the Amah Mutsun tribal band, people that cultivated seasonal offerings inherent to the ecosystem, and managed the landscape with prescribed burns.

Pie Ranch is bringing this knowledge back by partnering with members of the Amah Mustun Tribal Band in building Native Gardens and using their expertise and work on numerous projects to eliminate invasive plants like Eucalyptus.

After meeting and feeding some very happy goats we made our way to the Orchards to pick some organic Apples and Meyer Lemons that will soon make their way into a seasonal ice cream back at the Revival shop.


These apples aren’t like what we see in stores. They contain less sugar and water, and more of the good stuff that modern agricultural processes and GMOs eliminate (to ensure apples that can travel longer and then sit on a shelf). The apples at Pie Ranch are seasonal, and appropriate to their environment, and holy smokes are they good eating. 

Once we filled our baskets with some beautiful, aromatic Meyer Lemons we headed back to the Farm House for a picnic of Pies, Kombucha, Apple Juice and grateful reflection.

Inspired by our day on the Ranch we all began plotting for our next visit. We encourage you to go check it out for yourselves.

Pie Ranch takes volunteers several days a week to help garden, do landscaping and pack emergency food boxes for those in need. Information is available on their site or call to learn more.

Or, just simply stop by, grab a pie, pick up a pumpkin and bask in the happy knowledge that you’re supporting something really special.


Pie Ranch is located at 2080 Cabrillo Highway, Pescadero, CA 94060.