Sustainable Ingredients: Clover Sonoma Milk

Sustainable Ingredients: Clover Sonoma Milk

At Revival, it is our purpose to create ice cream you feel great about eating! We don’t just make ice cream – it’s our mission to use only real, fresh, and organic ingredients in every serving. We know you want food made with natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and made with our community and environment in mind. That’s why it’s so important to us that we use sustainable ingredients, working with partners that share the same vision and values.

As the base for many of our ice creams, our beloved Clover Sonoma milk is a prime example of a partner that shares the same values and goals.

Clover Sonoma milk is known for being organic as well as thicker and richer in taste than conventional dairy. Their company mission values sustainability, quality, joy, and happiness, and they embed those same values in their farming practices and animal treatment.

The Clover Promise of Excellence is a promise to their fans. They over-deliver in their products by having an extensive checklist of all their values and qualities. They respect their fans’ values, as well as the quality of life for their animals and the company’s effect on the environment.

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Why Organic and Sustainable Ingredients Matter

Clover Sonoma is the first dairy in the US to switch to a 100% plant-based, renewable carton. They were the very first dairy company to be certified by the Humane Association in 2000 sustainable-ingredients-clover-sonoma-milk, and they also donate a portion of their sales to the Plastic Pollution Coalition. They are dedicated to not only producing packaging that can be recycled entirely, but also in educating consumers to recycle more packaging.

If you see the price tag on organic and sustainable food, you might question whether it is worth the price. At Revival, we believe it is – for many reasons. Not only is it better for your health, but it’s much better for the animals involved and the planet on which we live.

Think about the animals that are involved with producing our food, especially milk. You probably imagine a large barn or factory with rows of cows being milked in small pens, right? Organic dairies are required to let their cattle spend most of the year grazing in open pastures. They have room to move and just be cows! We believe that treating animals with respect goes a long way to producing a better product. How much better do you feel about eating our ice cream, knowing the cows that produced the milk are treated well?

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Organic milk has a longer shelf life, as it is sterilized at a higher temperature. (We also pasteurize our dairy again in house.) This means less waste as we don’t need to throw away spoiled milk as often. A by-product of the high-temperature sterilization is that it makes the milk a bit sweeter, so we don’t have to add as much added sugar to our milk-based ice creams.

Even with the higher temperature sterilization, organic milk tends to have a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies show that Omega-3 can reduce cardiovascular disease, improve neurological development and function, and strengthens immune function.{study}

As part of Clover’s Promise of Excellence, they ensure that their farmers’ cows are not injected with the growth hormone rBST. They also promise daily and weekly testing of their milk to ensure low bacteria counts, which they measure as 3-6 times lower than state and federal standards.

Sustainable ingredients mean our ice cream not only makes you happy, but it also makes our community and environment a little better, too! We know that by using Clover Sonoma milk and dairy products, we are ensuring you receive the very best ice cream, made with organic, real, fresh ingredients, and nothing else.

We continuously strive to ensure every ingredient we use, as well as the companies we partner with, hold the same values, quality, goals, and transparency we do! We want to give you the very best ice cream possible, and these promises from our dairy partner are essential to that mission.

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