The Revival Community: Pie Ranch

The Revival Community: Pie Ranch

We had the pleasure of visiting Pie Ranch in Pescadero, California and discovered the non profit recently and was excited to finally pay them a visit. 

The property for Pie Ranch was purchased in 2002. From their website you can read about their vision:

" create a regenerative farming and food system education center to build community; provide a space for healing our relationships with ourselves, each other and the earth; steward the land and the environment; sequester carbon through climate friendly farming techniques; empower young people; train new farmers; make healthy food accessible to Bay Area communities; leverage privilege to address systemic racism and oppression; and build strategic partnerships."

I love their dedication to teach kids about knowing where their food comes from and choosing the best foods for your health. 


Their education program for children brings them to the farm for the day. They learn about farming and growing their own food. The program stresses the importance of organic foods and the role they play in our health and the protection of our environment. They even get to milk a goat! Then they take the food grown at the ranch and make a meal for the group to enjoy. 


My vision is for Revival and Pie Ranch to work together, as our visions align so closely with each other. We plan on using them as a partner for fresh produce, and donating a portion of sales of our reusable pint containers to their cause.

My lifelong mission has been to heal through food and to educate children on the important of knowing where their food comes from and how it affects their bodies. I'm looking forward to growing a relationship with Pie Ranch so we can work together to achieve these goals!

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