What's New and What's Coming Back?

What's New and What's Coming Back?

Missing our Signature Flavors?

Don't worry! We now carry them in single packaged cups in our storefront freezer (perfect for grabbing on the go!) AND in pints on Goldbelly. More ways for you to Taste the Love!

This month, we're focusing on all the cool ways that we color our vibrant ice cream (without using artificial food dyes)!

Keep on the lookout on our Instagram for fun facts throughout the month!


What in the world do Eucalyptus and Theo dark chocolate chunks have in common?
They're both filled to the brim with antioxidants!  So help out your body and grab a delicious scoop of our Signature Eucalyptus Mint Chip, either from the dipcase or from an individual cup in our storefront freezer!

Our NEW 🥳 Honey Granola Crunch is out of this world!  You wanted cereal ice cream, we made our own granola, because we make things from scratch with the highest quality, delicious ingredients! Toasted oats, quinoa, and amaranth, with a local honey. This ice cream brings feelings of warmth and comfort with just one bite! It is simply DELICIOUS!


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