Bee's Knees Organic Ice Cream Cake
Bee's Knees Ice Cream Cake

Bee's Knees Ice Cream Cake

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A handcrafted organic ice cream cake featuring Revival’s signature Bee’s Knees ice cream, layered with gluten-free dark chocolate sponge cake to create a party-ready dessert item. This cake is gluten-free & egg-free!

Revival Ice Cream is taking it to the next level when it comes to making the best —we strive to make the most delicious ice cream in the most sustainable, thoughtful way with the freshest, in-season and locally sourced, organic ingredients. That may be a mouthful, but with a mouthful of our ice cream you’ll see why.

Award winning and a true fan favorite, our organic Bee's Knees ice cream has created quite the buzz!

We combine locally sourced Monterey honey, and beeswax to bring you a delicious, complex and organic honey flavor you can feel great about eating!

With crunchy pieces of our homemade honeycomb candy swirled throughout, this sweet signature treat truly lives up to its name. Plus you get all the healing properties that come along with locally sourced honey.

Our Bee's Knees ice cream is made with organic dairy and locally sourced ingredients. No artificial flavors or fillers, and all our ice creams are gluten free. 

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