Blackberry Jam Recipe - 2 Ways, No Pectin!

Blackberry Jam Recipe

Homemade jam is one of those things that seems hard to make, but it's actually very easy! Our blackberry jam recipes are a great start for someone new to making their own jams.

We're making fresh blackberry jam here because it's in season, and part of our Limited Seasonal ice cream flavors that we released in the shop in June. But you can substitute any berry that's in season.

We've given you two ways to make this jam - both ways do not use pectin, but we use chia seeds in the 2nd option so you can lower the sugar content.

Once you make this blackberry jam recipe, you'll find all sorts of ways to add it to your meals. This jam goes great on everything - you can even use it as a topping on ice cream (hint, hint).

Blackberry Jam Recipe 1

download blackberry jam 1 recipe


chia seed blackberry jam recipe 

download chia seed blackberry jam recipe


Watch us make both recipes in the video below - it's super easy and fun. 


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