FAQ- your questions answered


This list answers almost all of the questions our fans have asked over the years. For more details, read our blog and sign up for weekly emails. We care about YOU!

We make this ice cream for YOU!  

Our Vision is to serve you delicious ice cream you can feel great about eating! Organic ice cream made from scratch in a sustainable, and thoughtful way using the freshest, in-season, locally sourced ingredients. 

Our vision is for you to taste the love at the first bite.  Our purpose is to make a positive change in the world.  “TastheTheLove”

We only use certified gluten free and certified organic oat flour.

We offer many vegan flavors at all times in our dip case, store freezer, and online.

Do you make everything here?

YES! We handcraft all our products in-house, using only fresh and organic ingredients. 

Is this your only store?

This is the only Revival store, though you can find us in a handful of natural food stores from Big Sur, Monterey to Santa Cruz. We also SHIP nationwide.

I'm from out of town..

We ship nationwide! All orders are shipped on Wednesday with Thursday deliveries.

You can order directly through us with Fedex overnight delivery. The shipping cost is high to ship ice cream, and we choose overnight to ensure it comes to you frozen with enough dry ice using our green insulators.

You can also order through goldbelly directly here: https://www.goldbelly.com/revival-ice-cream


We strive to be sustainable and use ingredients that are locally in season.

How long does your ice cream last? 

Six months unopened. Opened, simply line with parchment paper for a longer shelf life. 

When do you change your flavors? 

We have our signature flavors available at all times in store and for shipping.  Sign up online to receive emails. We let our fans know when each limited seasonal flavor is available

Are dogs allowed in the store?

Service animals are allowed in store. 

Which ice cream has NO sugar?

All of our ice cream has organic cane sugar, or coconut nectar. We use fresh fruit and produce which also contains natural sugars.

Do you have low sugar ice cream?

Please read here

Are all of your ingredients organic and local? 

most of the ingredients are. We cook our own 100% organic ice cream base.  

Do you make custom order cakes?

Yes! We need at least 3 days notice. Please order/ prepay online or in store.

I have Celiac’s Disease, is your ice cream 100% safe for me?

Our oat flour is certified gluten free. we don’t process any gluten in our store, but we can’t say the same for other ingredients. 

Do you recycle your gift cards?

Yes! Please return your gift card to the cashier when you’re through or re-upload

I have an idea for a new flavor, will you make it?

If you leave a note in our suggestion box, our team looks for new suggestions weekly 

How long will my reusable pint keep my ice cream frozen?

 Our reusable pints will keep your ice cream frozen for about 3 hours, cold bags are the same with ice. Considering you are not leaving your ice cream in the sun.

Do you use gelatin?

NO! Our marshmallow is made in house using egg whites!

Do you use eggs in your ice cream?

All of our ice cream is egg free and made in house. We only use egg whites for our marshmallow fluff . ( Nuts and Fluff contains marshmallow)

Do you deliver locally? 

Yes through Doordash, Postmates, Tok

Which of your products are gluten free? 

ALL of our products are gluten free. We use only certified gluten free oat flour.

Do you have nutritional labelling ?

Yes we do for our top sellers. Please check those out online. 

What toppings do you have? 

We offer torched marshmallow to add on. All other delicious toppings are available pre-packed to go.

Can I taste the ice creams? Why don’t you offer tasting?

for your health and safety we are n't offering sample tastings.

Why was there no Honeycomb candy in my pint of Bee’s Knees ice cream?

  What makes our Bee's Knees unique is the Organic Handcrafted Base Infused with Beeswax

 Our ice cream is made by hand. No one pint is going to have the exact amount of honeycomb, cookie or else as you may expect from a mass produced ice cream company.

During the churning process we add in bee pollen, honey and honeycomb candy. Because honeycomb is sugar, it dissolves over time. That's just the chemistry. Read more on our blog

 To avoid this chemical process, we would have to use stabilizers and other additives to protect the sugars from dissolving. You can buy a bag of honeycomb candy.

We stand behind our quality and prices.

We stand behind our high quality product,  and prices. We don't compromise on the quality of our ingredients and handcrafted process.  Revival is 100% handcrafted with the freshest and organic ingredients. We make ice cream well, so YOU can feel great about eating it!

Why are you cashless? 

Being cashless is cleaner, safer for our team and allows for faster and more accurate service. We offer preloaded cards you can purchase with cash.