Why are you cashless?
We are cashless because it is safer for our team and allows for faster and more accurate service for you.

Is this your only store?
This is the only Revival store, though you can find us in a handful of natural food stores from Big Sur, Monterey to Santa Cruz. We also ship nationwide.

I'm from out of town..
We ship nationwide with our partner Goldbelly

Do you make everything in store?
YES! We make ALL our products in-house, using only real food ingredients.

Why don't you have (Strawberry in December?
We strive to be sustainable and use ingredients that are locally in season.

How long does your ice cream last?
Six months unopened. Opened, simply line with parchment paper for a longer shelf life, if it lasts that long in your freezer. :)

When do you change your flavors?
We have our signature flavors always available and add our seasonal flavors based on season and when our farmers have the ingredients available. Check out our Instagram stories for limited seasonal flavors and sign up for our email updates.

Are dogs allowed in the store?
Only service animals are allowed in store.

Which ice cream has NO sugar?
All of our ice cream has organic cane sugar, or coconut nectar. The least amount of sugar is in our Dark Chocolate.

Are all of your ingredients organic and local?
Our handmade base is organic. And most of the ingredients are organic.

Do you make custom order cakes?
Yes! We just need 3 days notice. Please order online or in store.

I have Celiac’s Disease, is your ice cream 100 % safe for me?
While our oat flour is certified gluten free, and we don’t process any gluten in our store, we can’t say the same for other ingredients.

I have an idea for a new flavor, will you make it?
If you leave us a our team looks for new suggestions weekly.

How long will this (reusable pints, cold bag) last?
Our reusable pints will keep your ice cream cold for about 3 hours, coldbags are the same with ice.

Do you use gelatin?
All of our ice cream is egg free. We only use egg whites for our marshmallow fluff - we do not use gelatin.

Which of your products are gluten free?
All of our products are gluten free. We use only certified gluten free, organic oat flour.

I’m Allergic to eggs. Is your ice cream safe for me to eat?
All of our ice cream is eggless. Only our marshmallow fluff is made with egg whites.