Why Choose Us

We are using ice cream to make a difference in the world

Providing the best tasting ice cream in the world means never cutting corners. It begins by creating our own 100% organic ice cream base in-house that creates a smooth and decadent foundation that’s intensely rich. (Most of ice cream shops buy premade bases.)

We are on a mission to serve pure and sustainably sourced ice cream flavors and help spark a movement that allows people to have access to delicious treats that are great for us and great for the environment.

Our Commitment

Adriana’s Story

Some of the happiest times of my childhood were spent in my father’s lab in Slovakia. While he worked on his inventions, I’d watch in wonder and enjoyed delicious ice cream (my favorite; lemon gelato) from a local shop.

My dad immensely loved ice cream. He could sit and eat a bucket of it in one sitting with a big smile on his face. :) The picture in the middle, is of my dad and my daughter Summer, then 4 years old. I don't have many photos from my childhood but I captured many beautiful moments of my dad and my daughter enjoying their favorite treat. This one is in Slovakia, Bratislava.

He didn’t only expose me to the joy of ice cream. He taught me about the importance of nutrition and natural foods, and how a business should make a positive impact on the environment. My mom loved cooking fresh meals for her family every day. I grew up appreciating the value in wholesome, natural foods and using the gifts of nature to heal. My parents taught me our choices matter.

My passion for health led me to become a licensed pharmacist. I found a deeper love and appreciation for nature when studying herbs, plants, and their healing properties. I left Slovakia and all I knew after I graduated. While living in the US, I knew I needed to use my knowledge, my passion for health and my upbringing to create something truly special.

Before ice cream, I was making my own organic herbal tinctures, I opened all organic children store in Santa Barbara in 2008. After moving to Carmel, California I was looking for ways to contribute, to use all of my skills and my passions to make a positive difference. In October, 2016 I created Revival Ice Cream with a clear vision. A vision to create a business with a purpose and to make a positive change in the world. A vision to offer ice cream everyone can enjoy and feel great about eating.

I invite you to try one (or more!) of our treats. Out-of-this-world ice cream, waffle cones, ice cream sandwiches and cakes, in flavors you’ve probably never imagined. I think you’ll discover that “healthy” and “sweet treat” can go hand-in-hand.

Taste The Love,
Adriana Shuman – Founder, Revival Ice Cream


My dairy and gluten free boy has been waiting all year to go back to your ice cream shop!


Our daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease so it was SO LOVELY to enjoy a family outing with alllll the safe treats!

Kristin M

Every time it's so fun to try different flavors. I love the lemon. The earl grey was lovely after having dinner. Standing in line is part of the fun. My niece saw people she knew and we talked to people we didn't know. Lovely ending to an evening in Monterey.


We drive all the way from San Jose so our son can finally enjoy ice cream. Thank you for sharing your passion

Jamie K