Dairy Free Ice Cream Handcrafted With The Best Coconut Milk!

Dairy Free Ice Cream Handcrafted With The Best Coconut Milk!

We were featured on Copra's website in an interview! Read below to check it out!

"Handcrafted, locally sourced, nothing artificial ever, the highest quality: all things you want to see on your ice cream carton. Or any food for that matter. Now you finally can from our customer and partner Revival Ice Cream based in Monterey California. Their promise? To serve delicious ice cream (handcrafted daily) that you can feel great about eating!

Revival truly has something for every taste! Here we highlight their dairy-free ice cream flavors, most incorporating our totally unique additive-free coconut milk with zero gums or emulsifiers. Now you can order your very own handcrafted dairy-free ice cream in the form of pints, sandwiches and even cakes on goldbelly!

Check out our interview with Owner Adriana and Production Manager Caroline as we cover Revival’s mission and ultimately why they chose to source Copra Coconut Milk for their dairy-free flavors.


We love how you say your ice cream is a product of pure love. Why do you choose to say it like that?
A: I am running my business out of love and passion for quality, sustainability and contribution to kids.

My vision comes from my passion, it comes from my heart. The vision for my company goes beyond making the most delicious ice cream possible. We strive to make our products in the most sustainable, thoughtful way with in-season, locally sourced, fresh, organic ingredients. My goal is to make a positive change in the world.

I am from Slovakia, raised on wholesome, natural foods, so I am intensely passionate about building a good business with high quality food, influenced by health and nutrition. My daughter, Summer, struggled with health issues until she was diagnosed with multiple genetic polymorphisms. My dad, who immensely loved ice cream, taught me how businesses can make a positive impact on the environment, people and communities.

Revival ensures that eating well doesn’t mean missing out on sweet, quality treats. At Revival, we stay away from toxic additives such as hormones, glyphosate, or synthetic food colorings ensuring nothing is in the ice cream that doesn’t belong there. Product of pure love!

How did you decide which products to use ?
A: We are always innovating and improving. We are striving to create the highest quality and most delicious products.

When searching for ingredients we look for quality, family owned business, and values that align with our own; we strive to buy local and organic produce to support independent growers. And of course, it has to taste delicious!

Is there anything you would say to business owners who want to source for quality but are scared that consumers won’t pay for it?
A: Anyone can make a cheap product, but it’s time to do things right. For me personally, why be in business, if i’m not going to strive for the best? Not just the best for people, but the best for the environment. There is no better feeling than receiving emails, and having fans come in to tell us “ thank you for doing what you do!”

My goal is for customers to understand the vision, and share the value very clearly. Be honest, transparent, and clear with your message and what the value is for your client, and in my experience, they’ve been very receptive!

Do you believe ice cream is seasonal?
A: I believe there is always a good time to have ice cream, especially living on the coast of California. It’s quite magical to sit in the store with your friends, enjoying ice cream sundaes while watching the rain drops fall outside the window in the winter. Especially with ice cream like ours, there is always good weather, and a good reason to enjoy a treat like Revival Ice Cream and create sweet memories.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
A: We make so many different flavors that change seasonally and I myself like change and innovation, so I choose my preferred scoop based on how I feel.I enjoy refreshing, delicious coconut milk based flavors like our summertime Strawberry Coconut. I also like the creamy well balanced textures in our dark chocolate ice cream. Because we make our own organic bases in house we have complete control over the ingredients and can balance the fats and sugars well. Recently my favorites have been dark chocolate or a scoop of lemon peel, which brings back memories from my childhood and having ice cream with my dad.


Apart from the consistency, it seems like you have tried a lot of different coconut milks, how is Copra different?
C: Having worked in the kitchen with many other coconut milk brands over the years, it allows me to appreciate Copra even more each day when I use it. To me what makes the biggest difference is fresh their milk is. It does not include any preservatives or stabilizers leading towards a texture that is leaner and less emulsified. That is most definitely appreciated because those are the qualities of a food I’d want to nourish the bodies of others with. It also makes me feel good knowing that we purchase from a company that simply cares. And that in itself is a huge difference.

Since you’re such an expert, how would you explain the flavor profile of Copra’s coconut milk?
C: Our utilization of Copra’s coconut milk in product varies from ice cream and sorbet to whipped coconut cream and even in sponge cakes. The flavor profile I know I can rely on from them is an authentic young coconut taste, with a mild sweetness, and creamy though not overly fatty mouthfeel. Their coconut milk is always present, yet not overpowering. Whether it’s the front runner in a rich coconut milk ice cream or gently stands behind the herbs in our bouquet sorbet, our products just wouldn’t taste as fresh as they do with any other coconut milk."


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