Flavor Notes: Eucalyptus Mint Chip Ice Cream

Flavor Notes: Eucalyptus Mint Chip Ice Cream

Flavor notes are heartfelt descriptions of our flavors by the Revival Production Team. Each team member has shared their favorite Revival flavor and why they chose it. We hope you enjoy their experiences!

When asked to write a blog on what my favorite flavor is, the answer comes quite easily to the forefront, Eucalyptus Mint Chip. A signature flavor and one that was in the dip case on opening month of Revival Ice Cream four years ago. This flavor has thrown our raving fans for a loop at times, always intrigued by what it may taste like prior to committing. 

What I personally love about the flavor is that it is based off of my childhood go to, mint chocolate chip. Ours is just the grown up version I like to say. The menthol qualities of mint alongside the chocolate chips provides the perfect balance of refreshing and guilty pleasure! 

Here at Revival Ice Cream we put our local twist on that classic flavor. Eucalyptus trees grow up and down the central coast of California and we are quite fortunate for their fragrance.

eucalyptus tree in california

Early mornings I will go out alongside the coast and gather the leaves, bring them back to the shop, and clean them prior to infusing them into our organic ice cream base. It’s a morning therapy in a sense, a way to slow down before the day begins.

The leaves stay in over night, to provide the aromatics, then fresh local mint is blended in to provide the beautiful and natural color, plus the added boost of natural menthol prior to churning.

Nothing artificial here! Last minute we mix in just enough of Theo’s organic dark chocolate chunks and that’s it! A refreshing scoop of our signature Eucalyptus Mint Chip. 

revival eucalyptus mint chip ice cream


Besides the local ingredients and delicious flavor, I also love that it teaches our raving fans. I love Kid’s Cookie Dough just as much as the next person in line, though Eucalyptus Mint Chip helps us all to think outside the box when it comes to creativity with food.

It shows the abundance of flavor right outside our front door or at the local farmer's market, and how to utilize that to create something absolutely delicious while supporting those beside us. If you haven’t yet, grab a pint next time you swing by the shop. 


Written by Caroline, Production Manager