Honeycomb Candy Taste Test

Honeycomb Candy Taste Test

Our award-winning Bee's Knees Ice Cream is full of honey-goodness, including pieces of our handcrafted Honeycomb Candy. But, that doesn't mean we are satisfied! Here at Revival, we are always trying to make things better for you - better ingredients, new flavors, and improving on what we make.

A great example is the Honeycomb Candy taste test we did a few months back (pre-COVID).

The History of Honeycomb Candy

The origin of Honeycomb Candy is not completely known, though some say it first appeared somewhere around the 1850s. The candy goes by many names, depending on the region: Cinder Toffee, Yellowman, Fairy Food Candy, and more.

All of these use the same basic ingredients, (water, a sugar source and baking soda), and while the candy is one of the simplest recipes to make, the results are truly delicious.

The Honeycomb Candy Taste Test

In an effort to make sure we were producing the absolute best candy, we made it with three different sugar sources, to see what the results would be.

The sugars we tried were honey, glucose, and coconut nectar.

Watch the video to see what we thought:

(Taste test was done Pre-COVID)

The Results of Our Taste Test

We decided to go with the Organic Coconut Nectar. We felt it was a healthier choice and also gave the candy the best flavor and texture.

We are always working hard to bring you the very best ice cream and treats! Not only do we strive for the best taste, but we also source quality ingredients that are healthier for you and for our environment.