Sweet Memories - Our Meyer Lemon Yogurt Sherbet

Sweet Memories - Our Meyer Lemon Yogurt Sherbet

Our Lemon Sherbet Signature Flavor is the result of sweet memories from Adriana's past. Here she shares a very special part of her childhood that helped her create her favorite flavor. 

Lemon Sherbet, Created from Sweet Memories

Our lemon sherbet tastes like home to me. It evokes sweet memories of my home and my dad, who loved and enjoyed ice cream more than anyone I have ever seen.

I grew up eating my mom’s weekly baked sweets, but when it came to ice cream, my choice was sour, refreshing flavor. Lemon was my go-to, my absolute favorite. Sometimes I’d mix it with a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream, for a balance. :)

Some of my happiest childhood memories are the days when I’d have ice cream with my dad. I was a little girl, maybe 7, and he’d take me to his lab on the weekends where he worked on his inventions. 

In my tiny child’s mind, everything about the place was fascinating. I would sit patiently and watch him work, mesmerized by everything before me.


Revival Ice Cream Lemon Sherbet

We would have ice cream either before or after we spent time in the lab, at a small house with a garden that had a few tables outside. The family who lived there made the ice cream from scratch just like we do now at Revival.  

I will never forget the smile on my dad’s face when he ate ice cream. Those were the rare times when I felt connected to him. We laughed and had so much joy. His favorite flavor was this pink, sweet punch ice cream. (I was not fond of it at all.) I always got one scoop of lemon sherbet, which, to this day, is still my favorite. 


Lemon Sherbet
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My dream is for our fans to create sweet memories over our 100% handcrafted ice cream, just like I did with my dad. The lemon sherbet we make is so pure, simple, and delicious. It is only made with organic cream, yogurt, sugar, and a lot of freshly squeezed lemons and lemon peel. You can enjoy a refreshing treat with your family, knowing you are eating handcrafted ice cream made with fresh and organic ingredients. 

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