Sugar And Fat: The Science Behind Finding The Right Balance

Sugar And Fat: The Science Behind Finding The Right Balance
As you most likely know by now, here at Revival Ice Cream we completely control the end product, your scoop, by pasteurizing our ice cream bases in house. 
By controlling every part of the process, we can make sure you're only getting the "good stuff" - Organic California dairy, organic cane sugar, organic milk powder, organic tapioca solids, local sea salt, rich cream cheese, and then anything we need for the flavor we are turning the base into.

There is definitely a science behind how we decide how much of each ingredient to put in. Our recipes are all based on scientific ratios. Making amazing ice cream requires quite a lot of knowledge to be able to control how good the end product is when all combined.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

The Science Behind Finding the Right Balance of Sugar and Fat

The ratio of fat and sugar depends partly on the actual flavor of the ice cream, and the other ingredients we will be using to create it. Let’s use Caroline, our production manager’s, personal favorite flavor as an example.
Eucalyptus Mint Chip
Eucalyptus Mint Chip one of our delicious, signature flavors. This flavor is reminiscent of that childhood favorite, mint chocolate chip. Yet we take it a step further by steeping local eucalyptus leaves, since the Monterey coast is lined with these aromatic beauties!
We also blend in fresh mint, and churn it out with Theo’s organic 85% dark chocolate chunks.  It is truly a beautiful balance of flavors!
Eucalyptus Mint Chip in particular needs a lean, not too fatty base, so those fresh herbs can shine through! As you may or may not be aware, fat does carry and hold flavor, and too much will coat your mouth and not leave that refreshing scoop lingering in the way we desire. 
This is why we use more whole milk than heavy cream - still rich and creamy, yet not too creamy so you can taste the fresh, real ingredients we use. 

How do we decide on sugar?

Ice cream requires a certain percentage of sugar to keep the ice cream soft when frozen. Using only cane sugar would make too sweet of an ice cream. That’s why we lean on organic tapioca solids, which have a lower sweetness than cane sugar and still keep our ice cream soft enough to be able to scoop it for you. It's all about the balance.
Recognizing the purpose each ingredient in a recipe plays a role in, and then manipulating them to make it work for you is creative and fun! This was just a glimpse into how sugar and fat affect ice cream and how we at Revival Ice Cream control it all behind the scenes to ensure you get the well balanced, delicious scoop.
As always, our goal is to make ice cream you can truly feel great about eating!
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