The Truth About Sugar In Ice Cream

The Truth About Sugar In Ice Cream

The truth about sugar in ice cream and our vision for quality.

With the popularity of low sugar and low carb diets such as Keto, many of our customers have asked if we plan to make sugar-free or low sugar ice cream.

And we understand why! We make dairy-free and vegan versions of our handmade ice cream, so why not sugar-free?

Sugar is the backbone of ice cream!

Sugar is the backbone of ice cream. Plain and simple, it reduces the freezing point of all frozen desserts. Without sugar, those sweet, creamy scoops of Bees Knees would be more like ice cubes. Instead of using artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, we like to focus on high quality, organic ingredients. 

While we can create a dairy-free and vegan ice cream that uses whole, natural foods while still creating texture and taste that is in line with traditional ice creams, we feel we cannot make our ice creams without real sugars.

We are so careful in choosing the ingredients we put into our ice creams. Sugar alcohols, which are used to make “sugar-free ice cream”, are very processed and therefore do not line up with our mission to use the freshest and best ingredients.

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Using the highest quality ingredients makes a difference

This is why we take great care to partner up with companies such as Itajá Organic Sugars.  Because it's one of the main ingredients in our ice cream, we wanted a company that guaranteed the protection of our environment, but especially that of our customers. Their production system follows the strictest organic concepts, ensuring a sugar that is completely free of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. 

How we choose which sugar to use in our ice cream

At Revival, we use 6 different types of sugars, because all sugars behave differently when frozen. Our goal is the make the best tasting handcrafted ice cream while using fresh and organic ingredients.

For example, Tapioca sugar allows us to use less cane sugar, therefore creating a final scoop that is less sweet to taste. It also has the benefit of freezing softer and preventing ice crystals from forming. After all, nobody wants to bite into a hard chunk of ice while enjoying their scoop of ice cream.

Depending on the type of ice cream we are pasteurizing, but especially in bases that are very high in water such as sorbets, we may also use honey, or organic coconut nectar. We use to add softness, chewy texture or prevent it from becoming icy over time, and to avoid any artificial stabilizers.

chocolate ice cream with fudge and cocoa paper 

We hope this helps you understand why we do not offer sugar-free versions of our delicious flavors. We want you to thoroughly enjoy our treats and Taste the Love in every bite!

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