Want the Best Ice Cream? Use Seasonal, Local Ingredients

Want the Best Ice Cream? Use Seasonal, Local Ingredients
If you've ever picked a tomato right off the vine and then took a big, juicy bite, then you know that fresh ingredients taste a million times better. Even in today's supermarkets, you will find produce labeled "local," or "fresh from Joe's Farm", so you know it hasn't been sitting on a loading dock for days before being placed in the store.

Fresh is Best

Fresh foods just taste better! Locally grown, organic fruits harvested at their peak season can't be beaten for the vibrancy of their flavors. Get fresh produce from a sustainable farm, and you get it at its best. 
At Revival Ice Cream, we are asked quite often by our customers why we don't offer strawberry ice cream in the winter or lavender ice cream in the fall. 
Our answer is simple; we pride ourselves on creating the most delicious, handcrafted treats from locally sourced, organic, and, most importantly - seasonal ingredients. This is why we have so many Limited Seasonal Flavor options. We're using every ingredient when they are at their absolute best.
Our ultimate goal is to provide the best ice cream you've ever tasted that's made with 100% fresh ingredients. This way, you know that when you're eating Revival ice cream, you're eating organic, and you're eating a treat made with local dairy products, organic sugar, chocolate, and produce picked from a local farm.

Why Don't We Have Strawberry Ice Cream in October?

One of the biggest requests we get is for strawberry. There is no comparison between a juicy, sweet strawberry harvested at the peak of summer bursting with flavors, from one that is store-bought in October. The genuine taste is beyond noticeable, and we're sure you'd agree. 
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Seasonal Food Is Better for The Environment, Too

Here at Revival Ice Cream, we take satisfaction in being able to offer you the most delicious scoop of strawberry sorbet that tastes as if it was just picked from the fields - because it indeed was.
Flavor is one of the most important things we consider when making our seasonal treats, though certainly not the only one.
Purchasing seasonal ingredients also supports our local farmers and helps protect our environment along the way. It is a cycle of sustainable farming that keeps our environment and customers happy and healthy. By working with local farmers, we contribute to the local economy and reduce carbon emissions by not using produce shipped in from other states or countries. 
When selecting one of our partners, we ensure that they meet the criteria of our purpose-driven business. For example, Gizdich farm in Watsonville does that and more. They provide us with the sweetest, organically grown strawberries farmed most sustainably. 
Your reward for the year-long wait is the most delicious scoop of strawberry sorbet bursting with the freshest flavor and cleanest ingredients. Nothing artificial. EVER. 
Ice cream you can feel great about eating!
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