Where Did The Honeycomb Go?

Where Did The Honeycomb Go?

Where did the Honeycomb Go?

It’s no question our crunchy handcrafted honeycomb candy is without a doubt everyone's favorite topping. Customers love the honeycomb so much that they often purchase bags of it to top their scoop of Bee’s Knees or simply just to snack on.

Every now and then we receive a question from one of our customers asking why they didn't find as many pieces of the crunchy honeycomb in their ice cream as they would have hoped. This is completely understandable so let us share, “where did the Honeycomb go?”

How We Make our Bee's Knees Ice Cream

The journey of our handcrafted Bee’s Knees ice cream starts with cooking our very own organic base. We then "steep" local beeswax in the base (like when you make your favorite tea in the afternoon). This provides a subtle floral flavor and fattiness to the ice cream which is the hidden backbone of the scoop.

To balance the sweetness we swirl in burnt local honey and slightly bitter yet floral bee pollen. As if that wasn’t enough, the cherry on top of this already unique and delicious ice cream is our handcrafted honeycomb chunks mixed in.

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Handmade Honeycomb Candy

Our delicious, handcrafted treats are made without preservatives and stabilizers. This means that our honeycomb sometimes does not remain intact. Often when the crunchy sugar comes into contact with moisture from the ice cream it starts to break down into thick, honey-like ribbons speckled with jewel-toned bee pollen bits.

You’ll find these in your ice cream scoop as pockets perhaps where the honeycomb once was. But no concern needed, all the flavor is still there from the beeswax, pollen, and burnt honey. Luckily, some of the time those honeycomb chunks do decide to stay crunchy, and then you’ve got yourself an extra special treat!

100% Handcrafted Ice Cream

Award Winning Bee's Knees Ice Cream

Every single one of our pints is handcrafted and hand-scooped just for you.

Although we do our best to pack as much honeycomb as we can into each pint, it doesn't always show through.

Our purpose is to serve you with the highest quality and organic ice cream. Ice cream you can feel great about eating.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our ice cream, contact us, we truly value your kind feedback.


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