Why Is Ice Cream So Popular?

Why Is Ice Cream So Popular?

Have you ever wondered why ice cream is so popular?

The history of ice cream is pretty fascinating. Some say it began in China as early as 618 BC with a buffalo milk recipe that required 94 men to create. Another formula was developed in China around 200 BC using milk and rice packed in snow to keep it cold.


The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 at a fair when an ice cream maker ran out of serving dishes. So the waffle booth beside the ice cream booth began rolling cones to hold the ice cream. And voilà, sustainability and deliciousness helped solve a problem and also reinforced the theory that necessity is the mother of invention.

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Ice cream is an international treat.

From Asia to Europe to South America, ice cream is a delicious treat enjoyed by so many countries worldwide. Did you know that New Zealand is the number one consumer of ice cream per capita? They have very high dairy standards and eat, on average, more ice cream than Americans and all other countries! Pretty impressive, New Zealand. Keep enjoying what we love too!

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Ice cream is multigenerational.

Did you know that more ice cream is consumed by Americans over the age of 55 than by any other age group? Some say that George Washington or Thomas Jefferson helped make ice cream more popular by enjoying the cold treat on a hot day.

Many of us remember the familiar tune of an ice cream truck driving through our neighborhood in the summertime, and children flooding the streets to stop the truck for a treat. And who could resist celebrating a sports win with a team trip to a local ice cream shop?

Maybe when we eat ice cream, we have a flood of happy memories from childhood. Perhaps we enjoy making new, sweet memories today as we travel to a new place like scenic Monterey and enjoy time spent with friends and family. Maybe you have left Monterey but want to remember it with an order of ice cream you receive as a package in the mail. Whatever the reason, we often seem to be saying: Take me back!

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Delicious ice cream is what we love to create at Revival, and we hope you can
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Chocolate, candy, and cake have their place, but there’s just something about ice cream that is comforting and enjoyable to eat in a slow (sometimes messy) way. Savor each bite with ingredients that you know are natural, fresh, organic, seasonal, and locally-sourced.

Feel how your senses come alive when the cold temperature of a bite of ice cream contrasts with a heatwave outside (or hey, when it’s winter outside too).

The next time you eat ice cream, be mindful of it and let us know why you think it is so unique! We love to hear from our raving fans!