Why We Do Pasteurization Ourselves

Why We Do Pasteurization Ourselves

Revival Ice Cream is all about handcrafting the most delicious and organic ice cream sustainably while contributing to the beautiful community that surrounds us. We take pride in our mission to use locally sourced ingredients and do almost every step of our process in-house. This includes the pasteurization process.

Unless you have signed up for a tour of our kitchen, you probably don’t know what happens behind those swinging doors. We’d like to share a little bit about the exact ice cream making process that our production team dives into every early morning.

Did you know that many ice cream shops purchase a pre-made ice cream base from a dairy plant? They do this because making your own base takes a lot of time. But we know that creating our ice cream base in our own facility allows us ultimate control over the end product. At Revival Ice Cream, we pasteurize every base in our production kitchen!

Pasteurizer at work!

What is pasteurization exactly? In simple terms, it’s heating up large quantities of dairy to ensure no harmful bacteria growth remains. This is a complicated, costly process requiring many steps and following strict guidelines. Instead of trusting someone else to pasteurize our base, we decided to do it ourselves.

Why did we choose this process? Because it allows us to have complete control over our end product - your ice cream scoop! We want to serve you the best possible 100% handcrafted ice cream. Taking extra steps to ensure we provide a superior product is how we show how much we care about our customers.

Pasteurization Process

Our pasteurization process is just one part of our dedication to creating the best ice cream. We go the extra mile - from the type of organic dairy we use (purchased from Clover Sonoma) to the percent of organic sugar that’s added. We take care to decide what we want to infuse and, even more importantly, what we want to leave out.

All of our ice cream is produced without eggs, gluten, artificial color, or flavors, nothing artificial EVER. We include all organic California dairy and unrefined organic cane sugar, pasteurized, and made into the best handcrafted ice cream you will ever taste.

If you are close to Monterey, California, please come into the shop, and we would love to show you how we create our tasty treats. 

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