Featured Ice Cream Flavors

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In addition to our Signature Flavors, we handcraft unique seasonal flavors.

Our Ice Cream flavors change based on season and the availability of locally sourced ingredients. Follow us on Instagram, sign for email to get flavor updates or give us a call at (831) 747-2113. 

Although we offer our signature flavors such as our Award-Winning Bee’s Knees, Mint Eucalyptus Chocolate Chip and Homemade Apple Pie, that can be found on our menu daily in dip case or pre-scooper cups, we recommend you follow us on Instagram where we post our changing seasonal menu or give us a call at (831) 747-2113.

We have our signature flavors available for purchase online with Door Dash.

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Award-Winning Bee’s Knees

We combine local Monterey honey , beeswax and bee pollen, with handcrafted organic custard and honeycomb candy. This is the award - winning signature flavor loved by all!

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Decadent Dark Chocolate

We use 100% real, fair trade organic Theo chocolate from Seattle to create very complex, smooth, and creamy chocolate ice cream without eggs or cream. This one is for all the true chocolate lovers out there.

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Mint Eucalyptus Chocolate Chip

Eucalyptus leaves picked fresh only a few hours before we soak them in, adds a layer of distinction to this fresh locally grown organic mint Theo chocolate chip ice cream. This one is a must have!

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You haven’t had quality vanilla until you’ve had our sinfully, delicious vanilla. We start our vanilla off with the highest quality, organic custard base, then we add in cream cheese to make it mouthwateringly creamy. Then we take the extra step and add in organic vanilla paste AND organic vanilla extract. These special and wonderful ingredients create a vanilla that raises the bar for every other vanilla. 

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Apple Pie

Why limit yourself to enjoying this flavor just during the Fall months? Celebrate with us and enjoy this signature flavor all year round! Our organic base is made with antioxidant rich ground cinnamon and hints of toasted oats. Then we swirl in roasted apples and our own recipe of brown butter oat streusel chunks into each bite to remind you of your favorite fall treat!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Sorbet

Chocolate Hazelnut tastes like eating whole hazelnuts covered in decadent dark chocolate. This dairy free wonder combines rich 85% cacao from Theo’s organic, dark chocolate bars with a slightly salty, hazelnut paste straight from a  grower in Oregon. The combination creates an unbelievably creamy sorbet full of antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and minerals keeping dairy lovers and dairy free people coming back for more.

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Lemon Peel

Our tangy and refreshing Lemon Peel Sherbert makes any day feel like summer! A deliciously smooth yogurt base meets the citrusy taste of organic Meyer lemons straight from our farmers to create a simple yet delicious treat that is packed with zesty flavor.

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Honey Granola Crunch

Relive those childhood Sunday mornings spent watching cartoons enjoying a tasty bowl of cereal with our Honey Granola Crunch! Local honey, cream cheese, and organic milk come together to create a subtly sweet and super smooth base. Infused and loaded in with toasted grains of quinoa, oats, and amaranth, this crunchy blend is sure to please!

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Chocolate Nuts & Fluff

Our take on classic Rocky Road with a delicious artisan twist! Organic, antioxidant-packed Theo dark chocolate blend with a creamy, organic milk base to create a rich chocolate ice cream flavor. Organic toasted almonds mixed in give this blend a nice crunch alongside a smooth homemade marshmallow fluff swirl. A perfect choice for any chocolate lover!

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Kid’s Cookie Dough

In our Kid's Cookie Dough, originally inspired by a flavor made for a child’s birthday, we take our thick, creamy custard base and add blue spirulina and large chunks of our house-made,  egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough. The blue spirulina gives the ice cream a beautifully vibrant, sky blue color and even adds in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! This amazingly, colorful ice cream is perfect for those seeking a twist on the classic cookie dough.  

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Passion Fruit Mango Coconut Sorbet

You’ll be dreaming of a warm sunny day when you take a bite into this signature flavor. Tart passion fruit is combined with creamy mango and organic coconut milk to meld together into an incredibly tropical and refreshing sorbet.

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Coco Oat Dream

Customer’s have quickly made this newer flavor their go to scoop. Creamy organic coconut milk and oat milk come together with burnt sugar and local flaked salt to make a rich and smooth salted caramel flavor. You won’t even know that it happens to be dairy free and vegan.

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Revival ice cream revived my relationship with ice cream! Even after eating it on an empty stomach I felt great, no sugar crash or coated palate. There is something really special and unique about Revival Ice Cream. Run, don't walk to experience the difference and love. AND they deliver!