New Signature Vegan Ice Cream Flavor - Summer Lemonade

New Signature Vegan Ice Cream Flavor - Summer Lemonade

In mid-July, my family and I decided to do something different to celebrate my and my husband’s birthdays. Mark (my husband), Summer (my daughter) and I decided to do something we’ve never done as a family before - we rented a sleep-in van and took a trip up the California coast.

Of course, we stopped at Revival to stock up on essential supplies for the trip! Packed in the van with the newest ice cream creations from my shop, we set off.

We will tell you what happened along the way, but first - let us tell you how we decide on our new Signature flavors here at Revival.

How We Decide on A New Signature Vegan Ice Cream Flavor

At Revival, we are always dreaming up a new ice cream flavor. Many of our new combinations become Limited Seasonal flavors. We use locally grown produce and ingredients that are available only at certain times of the year, or we use flavors that are symbolic of the season we make them. These Limited Seasonal flavors are made in small batches, and once they’re gone, they are gone! 

vegan ice cream summer lemonade


Sometimes, a new ice cream flavor knocks us off our feet, and we know we need to make it available year-round. To make our Signature Flavor list, the candidate needs to have universal appeal and bring more variety to our daily menu.

On top of these guidelines, our Signature flavors usually give you another vegan ice cream or dairy-free option to choose from. This is why not every new ice cream flavor makes the cut to be a Signature one.

How Summer Lemonade Was Created

As the California landscape passed by, we treated ourselves to some Revival goodies. Although the flavors were very delicious, there was something I couldn't put my finger on. I wanted to taste something I wasn't tasting. Every new ice cream flavor brings excitement, but I was still not sure what I wanted.

My daughter Summer is always in sync with me and many times she just knows what I am thinking and feeling. She said, “How about Coconut Lemonade?" She described how the flavors of lemon, honey, and coconut swirled together created a summer feeling, a refreshing lemonade that would of course be dairy free!

vegan ice cream tasting - summer lemonade


And with my love of lemon desserts, I thought this vegan ice cream flavor might be the one that I was missing!

I immediately called my incredible team, Caroline and Alicia. I love my team, they are always so open to listening to my visions, dreams, and ideas for flavors, which truth be told mostly come from my daughter or my husband. They went for it!

We returned from our trip away two weeks later with excitement to taste the new flavor.

Tart, Sweet, Vegan Ice Cream - Summer Lemonade

And they nailed it! Our new Summer Lemonade vegan ice cream flavor tastes just like the summertime. Incredible! You can see the specks of lemon zest, and you can taste the fresh lemon and subtle honey flavor. Your mouth immediately starts watering and you feel like laying on the beach with the warm sunshine shining down on you.

Our newest Signature ice cream flavor was truly a team effort, and a reminder that sometimes simple is best. And as with many of our ice cream flavors, it was inspired by family.

This is one of the reasons that I love what I do. Besides creating the latest ice cream flavor for my shop,  it's the people I get to work with - the true team value. And it’s the beautiful smiling faces of our fans who come through the door.

We are so lucky that we get to create the most delicious and true natural flavors and bring something very unique and special to all. Something you connect to and a treat that feels like home. It’s not just ice cream -  it’s an experience and a moment of connection.

Vegan ice cream you can feel great about eating!

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